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4. Free Lifetime Custody RM1,188

  • A safe locker to keep your Will secure for the next 100 year.

5. Accidental Benefits Worth RM30,000

  • Free accidental benefits up to RM30,000;

6. Executor Appointment Fee Worth RM120

  • Professional Consultant attend to executor to provide proper guidance.

7. Bereavement Care Voucher RM288

  • Bereavement Care Cash Voucher worth up to RM288.


  • Professional bereavement care planning;
  • Worth up to RM120 per hour.

9. 50% Off Subsequent Services

  • For subsequent service, writing second WILL to enjoy up to 50% Off.

10. 50% Off Rewriting of WILL

  • Bought new assets? Include your new asset distribution into your WILL.

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  • Relevant top-up will writing discount.
  • Trust set up discount.

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  • Only open for 50 individual only.
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Limited for 50 Customers

Don’t need to write first; enquire now & lock down the price for 12 months!

    FAQ for WILL Writing

    What is WILL WRITING?

    will is a legal document in writing signed by you (testator) and witnesses, setting forth your wishes about distributing your property and care of minor children (if any).


    Who needs a WILL?

    Anyone who own an asset like a house, or even a bank account need a WILL to govern the asset distribution upon unfortunate event happens. Especially for young family with young children below 18 years old, a WILL is to assist the family to have a proper asset distribution according to the deceased wish. A person passed away without a WILL, his / her assets will be allocated according to Distribution Act 1959.

    What is Distribution Act 1959?

    Distribution Act 1959 is a set of law enforced by the Federal Governement of Malaysia to govern the asset distribution for individual without having a WILL or TRUST. 

    What is Probation Period?

    Upon death of a person, all his / her assets including cash in bank, investment, property, business account will be frozen immediately. Defroze of assets will be subjected to the content of WILL set up by the testator, or if the person without having a WILL, the defrozen process will need to go through a period of probation to investigate the assets, repayment of the assets, and distribution model following Distribution Act 1959.

    How long does the Probation Period take?

    Could take up to 18-36 months. A person’s assets will be frozen along probation period. Family member / next of kin will need to wait until end of probation period to receive the assets according to Distribution Act 1959.

    What About Debts upon Death?

    According to Distribution Act 1959, one of the procedure under probation period is to find out the deceased debtors to pay off all debts using the frozen assets before distributing to the beneficiaries. If the assets is not enough to pay off debts, the beneficiaries will need to inherit the balance of debts after paying off with all assets.

    Can I write my own WILL using Microsoft Words?

    A proper WILL need to endorsed by 2 witnesses.

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